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7 Slim: how I lost weight 8 kg in a months

I'm writing rarely comment, but do not get this Pharmaceutical is a party that is temporary. Bought two months ago 7 Slim advice girl.

Slim 7 Reviews

I want to share the results of course it took months, and 30 days after the later indicators. Hopefully, that will help readers to use the weight of my experience.

In short, how an application

Representing pharmaceutical drops. No need to measure them with the help or graduated glass pipette, already drug. A reception in a bottle. A package of 20 mini package.

Discusses simple and understandable instructions how to use 7 Slim: drinking, 3 times per day 20-30 minutes before a meal, drink milk, juice or water. I've decided she puts diversify application and liquid milk, then poured him protein powder. Indigestion or other side effects after I noticed.

Before 7 Slim

My input data – 75 kg with an increase of 170. This is 25 pounds more than my ideal weight. Yes, a bit launched himself after birth. Standard active – walk to Metro station, shops, and sometimes walking to the nearest park. Prior to sport, during the course of I didn't do anything to him. Don't have time for the gym. What's other noteworthy hip slimming cellulite was visibly there at the beginning.

After 30 days 7 Slim

User experience

Not measured and weighed every week, it means though, what is the weight, and galloping. For the first time, minus kg, then 1.5 minutes, and the result in the third and fourth weeks increased 2.5% and 3 kg! Apparently, the effect accumulates. A total of 8 kg, 30 days, my weight 67 kg reached at the end of the course.

It was a lot less cellulite. Then Skin, Slimming, nutrition according to the standards quite sharp (more than 4 months they recommend the drop in kg) it doesn't taste. I did a light massage a stiff brush, but no I haven't tried for more tightening measures, and the output was the skin elastic, if not, sitting on a diet.


7 Slim – really light and fast slimming in a way. Mono gave me only 3 weeks for the best results, but, to be honest, the torture of the organism. And 7 Slim so, to lose weight quickly and no health effects. The most important thing, the weight came back! It's been a month, but no raise, no more than a gram. Advice and try.